Monday, 25 July 2011

syria berdarah

On Saturday morning 22/7/2011 the child “Talha Dalal’’ died , Talha born in 7-2-1999
And is a resident of “ Jobar “ in the Syrian capital Damascus , Talha injured by a bullet in his head directly on Friday 15/07/2011 that Friday was named “Prisoners of freedom” or “assra al hurea”
When Talha was in front of his house watching peaceful demonstrators one of the policemen who sit in the police car fired directly on Talha head from a distance of approximately 5 meters
the following video showing a police car and the child at the moment of injury
This video shows how the child's family is trying to rescued him
one of television channels pro- Syrian regime “al addounia tv” tried to force the father of the child to statement that Unidentified armed gangs are fired his son and not the police who did this , But the boy's father refused Because the father of the child knows the name of the policeman who shot his son
Today, the child will be buried after the noon prayer From Parliament Square in the Jobar in Damascus