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Inilah Komandan pasukan Alawit yang bertanggungjawab atas pembantaian di Baniyas kemarin.


Dalam video bocoran tersebut, terdengar dia mengatakan agar membunuh semuanya dan memurnikan wilayah Baniyas (membersihkan Baniyas dari warga Sunni). Dia bahkan mengatakan agar membunuh anak-anak terlebih dahulu sebelum para wanita dan pria.


The two princesses Ghazal & Mona meet in heaven with their martyred uncle, who was killed two years ago.
Ras al Naba'a massacre- Banyas.
May 3, 2013


Tartous, 04-05-2013: Regime massacres have continued for a third day in and around Banyas.Speaking on Al Jazeera (Arabic) earlier, Anas Habib Ayrout said, 'In the village of Al Bayda, more than 800 people have been killed by Assad's forces. In Banyas, more than 400 have been killed so far. Most of the victims were women, children, the elderly; they were massacred and burnt.
The regime wants ethnic cleansing and sectarianism in this region. We don't know what's happening in the village of Al Marqab and we expect to discover that the regime has committed more massacres there. '

And still the world watches... (but hey the some countries issued a condemnation - maybe the people of Homs can print out copies and throw them at the warplanes dropping chemical missiles, while those in Tartous can throw them at the regime forces slaughtering them and their children with knives. )

Please come back ... Just a couple of scoops .. Don't go .. we are really thirsty ..


 Why do we find people shedding tears over a silly scene from a movie, when they turn their heads the other way when seeing our children killed, tortured and cut into pieces..WHY, Why are we alone?!
Eastern Bouyada-Homs.


Maybe if Obama, his administration, Ban Ki Moon, the EU’s officials had a child or a relative in this place, would lift a finger? Other than condemning? They have LIVES JUST LIKE YOU
Field executions, raping, burning, killing, slaughtering, what is needed more to stop the mass killer??? 
.@StateDept: "strongly condemn" massacre of 100+ people in al-Bayda, Syria. Regime & Shabiha forces destroyed the area, executed families. 

and by the way, the martyrs' numbers is MORE THAN THAT


Assad’s tugs have no respect whatsoever to the sanctity of a human being’s life. They kill, distort bodies, they mutilate them, they rape women, men and children, they burn them and yet, nothing is taking place since more than two years ago. What is this child was your son Obama? Hollan? Hamad?? What if he is your son!!!!!!

Are they dead?

Are they dead? Is that child still breathing? How about that pregnant woman? Both are killed?
These questions seem normal in Syria. With the blood and martyrs everywhere, Nothing has become unusual. The grief and despair describe how do we feel. The loved ones are gone in Banias, and their final moments still chasing our dreams. Forgive us Banias.

"Are you going to kill me? Please do it quickly and make sure the knife is sharp enough"

this banner says:: 
"Are you going to kill me? Please do it quickly and make sure the knife is sharp enough"
This is what a Syrian child from Banias hope for.


After the huge explosion that rocked Qasyoun mountain in Damascus, Assad thugs shelled Jober neighborhood heavily with chemical gases. Several injured people were reported.

Peace be upon the soul of our bird of heaven. The child martyr Khaled Darwish from al Qusair- Homs.


Everyday in Syria is a horrible nightmare

Everyday in Syria is a horrible nightmare. 
Not only the regime forces, but also Iranian experts, Hezbollah fighters and the famous Russian role.
Why do they agree on killing us? Why don't the rest of the world agree on saving what remained of Syria? 
Al Qusair is a distressed area in every sense of the word..Shelling pours like rain from the regime and Hezbollah rockets on people's heads.
A mother bidding farewell to her martyred children in al Qusair.


News about the regime forces committing field execution in Rahman neighborhood and burning houses in Ras Nabea and Betraya which caused a the rising of heavy smoke plumes at the time with gunfire shooting by regime forces 

The journalist Sheyar Khalil Khalil was detained on 23.04.2013 from a cafe in Saruja in Damascus City by the Syrian regime's security forces for unknown reasons

The journalist Sheyar Khalil Khalil was detained on 23.04.2013 from a cafe in Saruja in Damascus City by the Syrian regime's security forces for unknown reasons
We hold the Syrian authorities responsible for the physical and psychological integrity of Sheyar. We demand the immediate release of him, and appeal to human rights organizations to help us in that

a pregnant women was killed with her triplets in Idlib

 this is just outrageous!!!!! 
a pregnant women was killed with her triplets in Idlib, Deir Sharki 

The Syrian Holocaust in Al Bayda

 18 +++
The Syrian Holocaust in Al Bayda 
this is how the civilians' bodies were accumulated. they put them in the shop and incinerated all of them. they are Nazi beasts


As much as we are hurt, as much as we are in deep pain we still believe in peace, love, we believe that our love to life will prevail..The regime might kill us, shell us and torture us but they will never break our inner will.With the love and support of peace loving people we will prevail and we will be victorious.

One day I will get back to my school and live like a normal child again

As if the child is saying:

One day I will get back to my school and live like a normal child again, meanwhile, I have to support my self and my family.

we are not going to surrender! look where they are reading :)

another picture from Banyas massacre

 another picture from Banyas massacre,
no words in this world can speak about this. they did nothing wrong at all. 
they did nothing at all to end up here and get killed by this way. 
our blood counts, our lives matter

Banyas, a genocide, shame on our world

All the children of the world play hide and seek..Our children play hide to save their life :'(


From Chicago to Banias.. STOP GENOCIDE IN SYRIA!


 The Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) deplores the Israeli raids on Syrian territory and condemns ongoing violations of the Syrian people’s national sovereignty.
The LCC confirms that the Syrian regime’s reckless behavior has turned Syria into a state of chaos, and the regime alone bears full responsibility for the outcome of a country that has become a playground in which regional and international powers settle their scores at the expense of the Syrian people. It is important to remember that this regime has never served as a resistance force; rather, the regime has protected Israel over the past decades. The game of “resistance” has only been used to impose repression, tyranny, and bullying of the domestic population under the pretext of external danger.

The Israeli raids targeted military installations and ammunition depots, which had been used to kill unarmed civilians – the sons and daughters of Syria. Nonetheless, the raids can only be seen in the context of serving Israeli interests, which align in many ways with those of the Syrian regime. The regime is trying to force the country into a sectarian war and to become a divided state – a condition that has long been a strategic goal for Israel.

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria
May 6, 2013

syria perlukanmu...

 109 victims : SNHR – Syria –Final casualties report – 5 May, 2013

Syrian network for human rights documented 109 victims , Sunday 5/5/2013 all across Syria most of them in Tartous costal region: 15 children , 3 fetuses , 15 ladies , 24 armed rebels 

Tartous : 23 victims
Damascus and countryside : 23 victims
Homs : 19 victims
Aleppo : 10 victims
Idlib : 15 victims
Dier Alzoor : 8 victims
Hama : 6 victims
Daraa : 4 victims
Lattakia : 1 victim


Syrian Network for Human Rights - London

syria dibiarkan....

Today is Hamza's Birthday :(
Today, Hamza meant to be 15 
but the daemons said no and killed him 

I can only Imagine what Hamza's Mother is going through today 
She wont go to buy him a gift
She wont rap it with his favorite color
She wont wake up before him running to his bed saying happy birthday child
She will just hug his picture, look high in the sky and say
rest in peace my angel ...
rest in peace :(

syria perlu dibantu...dimana saudara seislam?

Banyas , Today 

Here were Humanity died 
Here were the World stopped
Here Where the Thugs through the dead bodies of our angels 

I can still hear their screaming before they got killed
I can still their tears before they got stabbed to death

Can you ?

Syria perlukan anda

Survivors citations of Raas Elnaba' massacre:
"When the pro-regime militia entered the village of Raas Elnaba', we were hiding in a basement used for livestock in a try to escape their brutality." said an eye-witness.
One of the thugs was heard saying" We have done it successfully but we need some help. We are terrified to stay in here".
Survivors said that the pro regime gangs were killing anyone they saw. 60% of the Women population were found dead, and some of them have been mutilated. Same thing happened with men. They were lying in pools of blood in streets of Raas Elnaba'. Survivors cited that some of them were alive as the slaughter was not done completely.
"They did so to have them suffer. The shootings happened twice to make sure everyone was dead. They later sprayed some yellow powders on the dead bodies inside their homes to help in the acceleration process of burning" one told the observatory.
Couple of hours later, the Assad thugs began to demolish houses to cover up the scene with all the burnt bodies underneath it.

Rakyat syria terus dibunuh dengan kejam

 The Holocaust .....
Syria .....
Banyas , Today

Sampai bila rakyat syria akan dibunuh oleh syiah?

More and more pictures and are being added to a very long record of massacres' pictures, and this is the least graphic one. The least estimated martyrs' numbers is more than 150 persons and god knows how many children!!! The people who did this are NOT CONSIDERED HUMAN. 

Israel serang Syria

Cahaya berwarna jingga dipercayai terhasil akibat serangan udara Israel, menerangi pusat penyelidikan ketenteraan di Damsyik, Syria, semalam. - REUTERS
BEIRUT 5 Mei - Israel, hari ini melancarkan serangan di ibu negara Syria dengan sasaran ditujukan ke atas penghantaran bekalan peluru berpandu buatan Iran yang dipercayai dalam perjalanan dihantar kepada pergerakan Hezbollah di Lebanon.
Serangan kedua Israel dalam tempoh 48 jam itu menandakan peningkatan campur tangan rejim Zionis Israel itu dalam konflik Syria.
Serangan itu berlaku selepas media rasmi Syria melaporkan peluru berpandu Israel menyerang sebuah pusat penyelidikan dekat Damsyik, menyebabkan ramai terkorban dalam letupan.
Sumber memberitahu agensi berita Associated Press bahawa serangan dilancarkan kelmarin menyasarkan peluru berpandu Fatah 110 yang mempunyai sistem pemanduan tepat berbanding apa yang dimiliki oleh Hezbollah.
Israel sebelum ini pernah menyatakan bahawa rejim Zionis Israel itu tidak akan membenarkan senjata canggih dihantar kepada Hezbollah melalui Syria.
Agensi berita Syria, SANA awal pagi ini melaporkan beberapa letupan berlaku berdekatan pusat penyelidikan Jamraya berdekatan Damsyik dan sejumlah kematian dilaporkan.
Badan Pemantau Hak Asasi Syria juga melaporkan beberapa letupan kuat di Jamraya yang merupakan pusat penyelidikan saintifik dan ketenteraan di barat laut Damsyik.
Satu rakaman video amatur yang didakwa merakam serangan di Damsyik menunjukkan satu letupan api yang menerangi langit pada waktu malam.
Video itu kelihatan asli dan sama dengan laporan Associated Press. - AGENSI

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Asy-Syahid (insya Allah) Muhammad Thayyib Ismail Al-Ghazzal Abu Thayyib rahimahullah..

Asy-Syahid (insya Allah) Muhammad Thayyib Ismail Al-Ghazzal Abu Thayyib rahimahullah..

Beliau berusia 70 (tujuh puluh) tahun, memimpin para mujahidin di Suriah, mengajak anak-anaknya, cucu-cucunya dan teman-temannya untuk berjihad melawan thaghut bashar al assad laknatullah...

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3. Biarlah menjadi rahasia antara aku dengan Allah..

Akhirnya beliau gugur sebagai syahid (insya Allah) setelah bertempur melawan musuh dengan gagah berani dan ksatria.. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

"Di antara orang-orang mukmin itu ada orang-orang yang menepati apa yang telah mereka janjikan kepada Allah; maka di antara mereka ada yang gugur... "
(QS Al Ahzab ayat 23)



inilah yang di perbuat kaum Musyrik Penyembah Kuburan (SYIAH) pada kaum muslimin di Suriah..!

inilah pembantaian di Banyaas, Suriah.! lihatlah..! perempuan dan anak2 menjadi target mereka..!

Sumber :

Israel bom Damsyik

Beirut: Pesawat Israel semalam mengebom kawasan sekitar Damsyik menyebabkan beberapa letupan ketika mereka menyasarkan konvoi membawa peluru berpandu buatan Iran untuk dihantar kepada pejuang Hizbullah di Lubnan.

Serangan itu, yang kedua dalam masa tiga hari, menandakan pembabitan mendadak Israel dalam perang saudara di Syria.
Media Syria melaporkan serangan rejim Zionis itu mengena pusat kajian saintifik dan ketenteraannya berhampiran Damsyik dan menyebabkan kematian.

Beliau bagaimanapun tidak menyebut secara khusus lokasi serangan.

Sasaran serangan ialah peluru berpandu Fateh-110 yang mempunyai sistem panduan tepat, jauh lebih baik berbanding senjata yang dimiliki Hizbullah sekarang.

Serangan itu dilakukan ketika Washington menimbang cara untuk bertindak ke atas rejim Syria yang didakwa mungkin menggunakan senjata kimia dalam perang saudara di negara itu.

Rejim Zionis sebelum ini berkata ia tidak mahu mencampuri perang saudara di Syria tetapi Perdana Menteri Benjamin Netanyahu berulang kali berkata negara Yahudi itu sudah bersedia untuk mengambil tindakan ketenteraan bagi menghalang senjata canggih dibawa dari Syria kepada Hizbullah atau kumpulan pelampau lain.

Agensi berita Syria melaporkan letupan berlaku di Pusat Penyelidikan Tentera dan Saintifik Jamraya dan beberapa orang dilapor terbunuh.

Aktivis yang berpusat di Damsyik, Maath al-Shami berkata, serangan berlaku jam 3 pagi dan menyifatkan letupan itu sebagai amat kuat.

Tel Aviv siap hadapi serangan

Beirut: Tentera Israel menempatkan sistem pertahanan roket di utara negara itu selepas ia melancarkan serangan udara terhadap Syria.

Menurutnya, langkah itu adalah sebahagian daripada langkah ‘penilaian semasa’ perkembangan yang berlaku.

Tindakan itu diambil beberapa jam selepas rejim Zionis melancarkan apa yang disifatkan oleh pegawai perisikan sebagai serangan di Damsyik yang menyasarkan konvoi penghantaran misil buatan Iran untuk pejuang Hizbullah di Lubnan.

Ia adalah serangan kedua rejim Zionis dalam masa tiga hari. Tindakan Israel itu meningkatkan lagi ketegangannya dengan Syria, Hizbullah dan Iran.

Sistem pertahanan Iron Dome mampu mematahkan sebarang serangan misil jarak. Hizbullah dipercayai memiliki ribuan senjata seumpama itu.

Iran sedia latih tentera Bashar

Teheran: Iran bersedia ‘melatih’ tentera Syria jika Damsyik memintanya berbuat demikian.

Komander tentera darat republik Islam Iran, Jeneral Ahmad Reza dipetik sebagai berkata: “Sebagai negara Islam, kami menyokong Syria dan jika ia memerlukan latihan, kami akan membantu mereka dengan latihan, tetapi tidak akan terbabit secara aktif dalam operasi ketenteraan.”
Menurutnya, tentera Syria sudah menimba banyak pengalaman sepanjang konflik dengan Israel selama bertahun-tahun dan beliau yakin ia mampu mempertahankan diri serta tidak memerlukan sebarang bantuan asing.

Kenyataannya itu dibuat ketika sumber pegawai kanan Israel semalam mengesahkan rejim Zionis itu melancarkan serangan udara ke atas Damsyik dengan menyasarkan peluru berpandu Iran yang mahu diserahkan kepada pejuang Hizbullah di Lubnan.

Iran kekal menjadi sekutu rapat rejim Presiden Bashar al-Assad sepanjang perang saudara di Syria yang dikatakan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu telah membunuh lebih 70,000 orang sejak ia tercetus pada Mac 2011.

Teheran sehingga ini hanya menyediakan bantuan kemanusiaan kepada Syria menerusi ruang angkasa Iraq.

Langkah itu mendorong Washington meminta Baghdad memeriksa penerbangan sedemikian. - Agensi