Saturday, 31 December 2011

syria berdarah

Hama’s Council of Revolutionaries_ AL Assi Square_31-12-2011
Another miserable play written by the Syrian regime and directed by Al Donia and other pro-assad network: The regime brought some shabiha from one of western towns in Hama to the Assi Square where they met with another group of thugs who were present there originally. After they exchanged their traditional thugs’ clothes and started cheering for the butcher. As they say, the show must go on; Al Donia videotaped them in front of the delegation! (as if a blind man can see!!).
Proverb: For every disease there is a medicine, except stupidity, it will cause you disease in case you wanted to treat it.
This stupid foolish regime is making fun of the people thinking that we can actually believe these kinds of sick plays. This Square is ours; this land is ours and will continue our fight till the end with power and strength.