Monday, 26 December 2011

syria berdarah

A letter written by a young Syrian girl:
i was really thinking that i should stop translating this,,, but i couldn't i just can't imagine what this girl have been through. it's so painful, i had tears in my eyes

I Received this Email from a Friend. She read the following in her Daughter note book 

They brought a dead body to our home, this means that someone had died. it is so surprising that he looks like you, and even he's wearing the same clothes you did.. but his drowned with his blood.... but i couldn't recognize his features... It is impossible that this man is u dad!.. I.. couldn't cry, didn't cry.. i kept looking at them and said: You must be wrong! You must be wrong... Everyone came to our house, our neighbors, our relatives... everyone was crying while i was laughing and saying: NO, NO, he is not my dad, stop crying!.. They hugged me, cried and started to read me some verses from the Quran... would the features of my dead father change if he died...i couldn't even recognize him..
My teacher read this letter before i ripped it frotm my copybook; she hugged me and started to cry.
Dad i'm so scared that this man is you...
but you are a good man! You didn't hurt anyone in your life, you didn't fight with anyone, how could someone hurt? How could they hurt you to the degree that you got killed?
Dad, please come, we're waiting for you..It’s ok if your late, but come. i swear to you me and my brother will behave in a good way, we won't disturb you...but you have to come, do it for mom and my brother at least... We miss you from the bottom of our hearts... And you know what, i'll send you this letter so that they don't think i'm lying..
Good bye dady
Your daughter who is longing for you.... come, i'm waiting for you..