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SADIS : Sekitar Bandar Homs Di Syria Selepas Peperangan (8 Gambar)

Suatu ketika dulu, Homs adalah sebuah bandar utama di Syria dan ialah adalah lokasi untuk orang ramai membeli belah, bercuti dan membawa anak-anak bersiar. Kini semua telah berubah dan apa yang kedengaran hanyalah bunyi jet pejuang, tembakan serta letupan. 

Idlib, Syria Penyangak shiah (shabiha) di potong kepala setelah didapati bersalah merogol para wanita dan membunuh orang Islam di Idlib.

Allepo, Syria

Allepo, Syria
Setelah mereka membebaskan Lapangan Terbang Tentera Ming, Mujahiddin kita mengambil kesempatan untuk menunaikan solat aidilfitri di situ.


#‎Homs‬‪#‎Ghouta‬: photo showing the corpses of martyrs along entrance of the Red Crescent building after the Husami mosque massacre



Syrian network for human rights documented 124 victims, Wednesday 7/8/2013 all across Syria, among the victims: 7 children, 3 ladies, 2 tortured to death, 90 FSA.

Damascus and countryside: 93 victims
Idlib: 1 victim
Daraa: 6 victims
Qunaitra: 1 vicitm
Homs: 49 victims
Dier Alzoor: 1 victim
Hama: 1 victim
Aleppo: 10 victims
Lattakia: 2 victims
Raqqa: 3 victims

Not Syrian: 3 victims


Paramedic Abdel Hafeez Ikhwan got martyred due to shelling on ‪#‎Waer‬ as he was rescuing wounded civilians.. ‪#‎Homs‬.


Martyr | ‪#‎Homs‬ ‪#‎AlWaeer‬ : Martyr little boy, Rest In Peace .


‪#‎Homs‬ | Al Waeer : Billowing smoke due to shelling !


‪#‎Homs‬ | Al Waeer : Billowing Smoke due to rocket launchers.


‪#‎Homs‬ | Al Waeer : Martyrs Cemetery.


News report about the enemy in ‪#‎Homs‬
Thursday 01/08/2013

‪#‎FSA‬ missiles hit the headquarters of the national defense forces the pro-regime neighborhood of Wadi AlDahab that is stuffed with regime thugs. A massive explosion took place in the ammo depot.
The death toll of regime thugs in this operation exceeded any other. More than 183 regime thug were killed and hundreds were wounded. The explosions continued for more than 2 hoursas the ammo and weapons in the depot were on fire.

The headquarters of the National Defense Forces is located in the Baath training fields in the neighborhood of Wadi AlDahab.

On the other hand .. In the battle of orchards in Waar neighborhood FSA was able to liberate the "engineers checkpoint" in the groves and kill more than 11 regime thugs and capture a number of other many others, while the rest fled before the attack.

In the northern countryside of Homs, FSA fighters managed to liberate the villages of Khalidiya and Doueir. They captured a lot of weapons and ammo after killing all the regime thugs in the area.. they are now on the outskirts of the Military Academy.

People's Committees .. Thieves in the pro-regime neighborhoods
Mounting campaigns today within pro neighborhoods against the people's committees (regime thugs), because of what they are doing; stealing and looting and even harass of women.

After numerous operations that have been taking place in the recent period in the pro-regime neighborhoods that are held by FSA who are achieving exact targets in these areas, regime supporter in these areas are accusing the people's committes of collaborating with the 'Armed gangs" (FSA) and that they are giving the coordinates of these targets for some money.


It's time for Al-Fajr prayer in ‪#‎Homs‬
Please pray for us and for our resistance fighters
They need your prayers..


‪#‎Homs‬ | Old Homs Boustan Al Diwan Al Qudis school.


‪#‎Homs‬ | Al Kournish Street.


On the stones of the grave there are holy words 
On the stones of the grave there is a name of father
On the stones of the grave there is a warm tenderness 
On the stones of the grave there are orphan's tears that
are trying to reach the body.
under the stones of the grave there is a father who
wants to kiss his children.
Over the body of father there is soil that are mixed
with blood and tears.
On the stones of the grave the dreams are slaughtered
On the stones of the grave we plant another dreams.


‪#‎Homs‬ | He has been in the paradise since one year with his friends and angels.
Martyr little boy Marwan Ismail. Rest In Peace.


It's time for Al-Fajr prayer in ‪#‎Homs‬
Please pray for us and for our resistance fighters


‪#‎Homs‬‪#‎FSA‬ of ‪#‎Qusair‬:
Bashaer al-Naser battalions and Maghaweer al-Qusair battalion from Qusair and Rijal Allah battalion from Qalamoun captured missiles depots in Danha area of Qalamoun and seized a lot of missiles, weapons, and ammunition.


‪#‎Syria‬ | Where are you ? All Free People Are Waiting For Your Pure Smile.


‪#‎SyrianRefugees‬ ‪#‎Syria‬ | (Petition) End The Harassment of Syrians in ‪#‎Egypt‬ | This is a petition regarding human rights violations against Syrian refugees in Egypt since the new laws and events following ‪#‎June30‬
petition link:

‪#‎Syria‬ | True !!


‪#‎Homs‬ | Juret Al Sheiah.


In this holy day we ask God to ease the pain of those who lost a dear one


‪#‎Syrian‬ Headlines 
By: Mouna C. Jazairy @CJazairy 

There’s death in the air, and the Life itself is dying. 

No tears are left in us, we have all stopped crying, our men are being buried and the infants are starving.

Farewells from the parents, to the kid they loved and cherished, and in a blink just like all he dreamed of; he’s now gone and vanished.

Loud screams in a torture chamber, a young girl is getting raped, and another is in labour.

While the innocent civilians are harvested by the millions, you’d think it’s an earthquake, but it’s only the loyal minions.

We’re either dying or dead, the sky is always grey, and the bread if found is red.

All eyes are wide open but nothing is really seen, they soon forget about us, once they turn off the screen.

Lies are being told, and promises are getting old, the only truth we know is that the Syrian blood is sold.


‪#‎Homs‬: Krak des Chevaliers: Jund Al Sham group blow up an army checkpoint few days ago..


Nader al-Hariri, a Free Syrian Army fighter from Dar'a, where the Syrian Revolution had begun, fights amongst the Syrian revolutionaries against the Militias of Assad, Hezbollah and Iran. Despite losing both arms in a battle a few months ago, he decided to alter his rifle and install a metal link on the trigger to enable him to use the weapon, and aid the Syrian people in the pursuit of freedom from the repressive rule of the Assad family

‪#‎Syria‬ | Red Line !!!

syria takkan lupa....

A photo from Halfaya massacre committed by the regime on December 23, 2012
Our victims are never forgotten..

syria bersedeh

Al Houla- Homs suburbs:
While all Muslims are preparing their kids for the Fitir feast and buying them new things, our people are buying new shrouds to bury their loved ones.
August 5, 2013


Allahu Akbar
Allahu AKbar
Allahu Akbar


Mujahideen FSA telah mendapatkan maklumat tentang perancangan aktiviti sambutan Hari Raya Basyar Assad. Awal pagi tadi semasa Bashar bersama tentera-tenteranya dalam perjalanan ke kubu mereka, Mujahideen FSA telah menyerang lokasi mereka dengan serangan bom dan misil. Mujahideen telah mengebom kawasan kedudukan Basyar dan kuncu-kuncunya menggunakan kereta yang dimuatkan dengan bahan letupan. Buat masa sekarang, kami pasti telah ramai ketua-ketua kepada kuncu-kuncu Basyar telah terbunuh. Kami sedang menunggu berita besar dan sepenuhnya. InshaAllah mereka akan dapat membunuh Basyar.

Wahai umat islam sekalian, tadahlah tangan kalian! Berdoa seketika! SEMOGA MUJAHIDEEN BERJAYA MENGORBANKAN BASYAR DI DALAM OPERASI INI!

syria berdarah

made in ‪#‎Syria‬

PROUDLY made in ‪#‎Syria‬
Victory is near !

hentikan perang disyria



Syrian network for human rights documented 122 victims, Tuesday 6/8/2013 all across Syria, among the victims: 15 children, 6ladies, 1 tortured to death, 45 FSA.

11 victims including 7 children and 3 ladies killed in a massacre in Ain Jalot school in Alansari neighborhood cause of shelling on charity market there.

Damascus and countryside: 49 victims

Aleppo: 31 victims

Idlib: 8 victims

Daraa: 4 victims

Qunaitra: 1 vicitm

Homs: 13 victims

Dier Alzoor: 11 victims

Hama: 3 victims

Lattakia: 3 victims

TERKINI DARI SYRIA (Raya Pertama, 8 Ogos 2013)

Aidil Fitri membawa berita gembira kepada umat islam!

Mujahideen FSA telah berjaya menumpaskan sebuah kapal terbang yang sarat dengan senjata-senjata dan bahan letupan yang bakal digunakan untuk membunuh umat islam di Syria.

Kemudiannya , Mujahideen FSA juga telah berjaya menguasai kawasan Utara Syria dan juga slah satu bandar besar di pinggiran Kota Damsyik. Dan kejutan yang lebih besar adalah apabila Mujahideen FSA berjaya menjejaki pergerakan Basyar dan kuncu-kuncunya dan telah menyerang kedudukan mereka.

Tidak dapat kami ungkapkan dengan kata-kata betapa gembira dan bermaknanya berita ini kepada kami!!

Allahu Akbar!!!


This is the Syrian reality and people have to live with it everyday. The criminal forces of the regime, do not care what happens to innocent people when they send their shells indiscriminately.

Murderers are those who commit such crimes, and murderers are those who keep silent and do nothing when they see such photos.


she should be playing around, dressing up for Eid tomorrow,
not wrapped in a white shroud and ready to be buried 

Apakah salah si kecil ini sehingga terpaksa menahan dan meraung kesakitan sebegini rupa.

Apakah salah si kecil ini sehingga terpaksa menahan dan meraung kesakitan sebegini rupa. Wahai saudaraku kalian yg memiliki akal fikiran yang waras dan sifat belas kasihan? Bagaimana kiranya bayi ini adalah anak anda? Atau adik anda? atau cucu anda? 

Ya Allah kau hancurlah kerajaan syiah pimpinan Basyar Assad dan sekutu-sekutu mereka, azablah mereka dgn azab yg pedih. Sungguh mereka menzalimi hamba-hambamu dengan kezaliman yang amat dahsyat.

Pihak kami di Syria Care HANYA menghulurkan bantuan ke Syria seperti bantuan KEWANGAN dan KEPERLUAN ASAS SAHAJA (spt makanan ,pakaian & ubatan).

Bagi menghulurkan bantuan , anda boleh hubungi kami di :

No.38B, Jalan Bola Tampar 13/14, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Akaun Maybank: 562106630487
Pertubuhan Sinar Damsyik Malaysia


Free Syrian Army : 90,000
Syrian Islamic front : 40,000
Al Tawhid Brigade: 10,000
Islamic state of Iraq and Sham (ISIS): 5,000
Ahrar Alsham: 35,000
Jabhat Al Nusra: 8,000
Ghuraba Al Sham: 500-700
Fatah Al Islam: 300
Abdullah Azzam Shaheed Brigade: 700
Jund al-Sham:300
Ahfad al-Rasul Brigade: 15,000
Tahreek e Taliban Pakistan: 1,200

JUMLAH: 205,500

Perang bukan permainan


Semalam, mujahidin FSA telah mengisytiharkan kempen perang "Ibu orang yang beriman, Aishah" (Battle of the "Mother of Believers, Aisha" ) di Wilayah Latakia berhadapan pantai Syria. Kawasan pesisiran pantai Syria yang dikenali sebagai kubu kuat rejim Basyar, kerana ia wilayah kelahiran keluarga Basyar dan di mana kebanyakan golongan minoriti Alawi yang menyokong rejim tinggal.

Pertempuran ini adalah berita besar untuk revolusi Syria kerana jika berjaya ia akan membuka jalan baru di Utara, dan setakat ini mujahidin FSA telah telah menawan 5 Bandar Alawi serta berjaya memotong laluan bekalan antara wilayah Latakia dan Idlib.

Ini bermakna tentera Basyar tidak lagi boleh sampai ke Idlib, dan dari Idlib, mereka tidak lagi boleh sampai ke Halab. Terdapat banyak laporan bahawa lebih 100 askar rejim Basyar telah terbunuh dan ambulans banyak kelihatan di bandar Latakia.

Doakan mujahidin. #pray4syria #freesyria


Dilaporkan setelah 10 bulan berlaku pertempuran di lapangan terbang Menagh, Halab antara mujahidin dan rejim, akhirnya mujahidin berjaya meguasai seluruh lapangan Menagh.

Mujahidin memaklumkan bahawa hampir 500 tentera rejim, Hizbu Syaitan dan Iran terbunuh dan ada yang berjaya ditangkap.

Doakan mujahidin. #freesyria #pray4syria