Friday, 28 September 2012

Netanyahu: Give Lessons at the United Nations Atomic Bomb Production

Netanyahu: Give Lessons at the United Nations Atomic Bomb Production
Friday, 2012 September 28 01:08

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in his speech at the UN General Assembly-67 describe the stages of production of nuclear bombs and also setting red lines for Iran.

Netanyahu in his speech stressed the importance of setting red lines related to Iran's nuclear program.

"Let me tell you why you should set a red line for Iran's uranium enrichment program by. Every bomb consisted of explosives and an explosive mechanism as simple as a bomb with gunpowder in it exploding by pressing the activation button and fuse," he explained.

He added that Iran's nuclear program, gunpowder is uranium that has been enriched and difficult for Iran to produce and accumulate uranium but the means to detonate the material is not too difficult.

"It takes many years for Iran to enrich uranium so it can produce a bomb and this is needed for thousands of centrifuges. However, Iran can produce explosive component of a nuclear bomb in a year or a few months and the device can be produced in a small room the size of a classroom," Netanyahu said.

In explaining the level of uranium enrichment in Iran and how close the Islamic Republic to the production of nuclear bombs, Netanyahu then lifted a bomb pictorial graphics board and said, "Iran has gone through the first stage and are now entering the second phase, until the next spring and summer at the latest summer next year, Iran has completed the second stage and entered the final stage. Having it just needs a few months or a few weeks to produce its first nuclear bomb. "

Observers argue that "the atomic bomb production lesson" by Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly that also means a declaration to the world that Israel does have weapons of mass destruction.

But on the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly stated that its nuclear program is peaceful and this status has been demonstrated in numerous reports on the inspection of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Claims that have been put forward by the United States, Israel and Western countries about the diversion of Iran's nuclear program based assumptions. (IRIB Indonesia / MZ)