Monday, 30 January 2012

syria berdarah

The most important points from what major Maher al Na’ami, FSA official, on Al Arabiya said from a while ago.
-Defections from Damascus International Airport and a lot of provinces, from yesterday and today. 
-Soldiers defected with their vehicles, it’s estimated that the defected soldiers are almost a military unit. There was also for the first time defections in Aleppo.
-We refuse to announce the numbers.
-The FSA are now close from the Presidential Palace.
-We demand the International community to provide a no-flight zone.
- We dare that the regime will stay in some regions for 24 hours.
-There are no completely liberated regions, but there are controlled regions tactically.
-Bashar al assad and his illegitimate army use heavy weapons and they don’t spare anyone from the killing. Russia is providing the ammunition since the Syrian ammunition factories are closed.
-We don’t get any kind of support from any party or country, but we request financial and logistics support.
-We request financial and logistics support from everyone.