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Tiga Puluh Hizbullah Berhasil Dikirim ke Neraka dari Suriah, Allahu Akbar!

LEBANON (KabarDuniaIslam) - Sedikitnya tiga puluh mayat kelompok teroris kafir Syiah, Hizbullah (baca: Hizbul Syaitan), tiba di Lebanon dari Suriah, demikian sumber kelompok oposisi Suriah pada Al Arabiya pada Senin (29/04/2013).

Laporan pengiriman mayat ini juga menegaskan peran kelompok teroris Kafir Syiah Hizbullah (baca: Hizbul Syaitan) yang berjuang membela rezim kafir thoghut President Bashar al-Assad melawan para pejuang Suriah.

Sementara mantan kepala Hizbullah, Subhi al-Tufaili, di awal minggu ini mengatakan pada Al Arabiya dalam sebuah wawancara setidaknya terdapat 138 teroris Hizbullah telah tewas selama perang di Suriah.

Meskipun kelompok teroris kafir Syiah itu berulang kali mengingkari keterlibatan mereka pada perang di Suriah, Tufaili menambahkan bahwa Hizbullah (baca: Hizbul Syaitan) didukung oleh rekan Syiah mereka dari Iran dan rezim Syiah Suriah untuk berjuang bersama tentara rezim Assad dibawah kendali langsung dari Teheran, Iran.

Hizbullah (baca: Hizbul Syaitan) minta gencatan senjata sementara waktu untuk menghentikan pertempuran di Al Qusair Homs agar bisa mengambil mayat-mayat lain dari para tentaranya yang tewas di medan tempur. Dan... Mujahidin Suriah menolak, Allahu akbar!!!



Mujahidin : Kami Tidak Berperang Melawan Bashar, Tapi Hizbullah Dan Iran

SURIAH (KabarDuniaIslam) - Para pejuang oposisi Suriah menilah bahwa sebenarnya Bashar Al Assad sudah tidak memiliki pasukan lagi. Hal ini lebih dominan diungkapkan para pejuang oposisi berbasis Islam.

Kepada mereka mengatakan, saat ini mereka tidak sedang bertempur melawan Bashar Al Assad. Mereka justru bertempur langsung melawan Tentara Elit Hizbullah (baca: Hizbul Syaitan) dan pasukan Syiah dari Iran.

“Kami hanya mengandalkan Allah saja saat ini” Jelas seorang Mujahidin di dekat kota Jabal Akrod, saat tim mengunjungi desa-desa mereka selama bulan maret 2013 lalu.

Para Mujahidin sendiri berasal dari berbagai negara. Seorang warga Suriah Asli, tercatat pejuang dari Yaman, Qatar, Turki bahkan keturunan Indonesia ada bersama bahu membahu melawan kejamnya rezim Syiah di Suriah.



Syrian Network for Human Rights


Casualties and wounded: 

Idlib | Saraqib

Humanitarian and international conventions are again violated by the Syrian army as they carried out a series of bombardment using toxic chemicals in the suburbs of Idlib leaving behind a number of cases of suffocation:

Damascus Suburbs | Al-Bilaleya

Syrian army forces carried out a series of bombardment using rocket artillery against the suburbs of Damascus leaving behind a number of casualties:


Suffering and Human Rights Violations:

Damascus | Bustan Al-Dour

The city and suburbs of Damascus continue to suffer from the vast amounts of security spread throughout the towns and cities which cause and irritation to civilians as they are exposed to torture, prosecution and humiliation by security forces on a daily basis:

Homs | Al-Waaer

The neighbourhoods in Homs which are not under the fires of bombardment do still suffer from the security checkpoints spread throughout the city:

Homs | Al-Rastan

Citizens in the city of Al-Rastan are finding it difficult to live a normal life as there is a sever shortage in food and medical supplies as well as the lack of fuel and water due to the ongoing bombardment:


Field hospitals across Syria are not equipped with proper devices, where doctors continue to suffer from the lack of equipment and medicines; who are also prosecuted by the Syrian army (Graphic):


Bombardment and Destruction:

Idlib | Saraqib

In addition to the chemical bombardment, Syrian army forces used explosive barrels to leave further destruction:

Aleppo | Salah El-Dein

The Syrian army continues to target places of worship as part of its’ bombardment campaign:


Suffering of Children

Aleppo | Misqan

Indiscriminate bombardment carried out by the Syrian army lead to the death or wounding of a number of children on a daily basis:


Press release: "Regime forces arbitrarily detained our colleague Dr. Zaidoun al-Zoabi at 2pm on April 26, 2013, at the checkpoint in Qudsaya, Syria. We in the Coalition of Secular Democratic Forces denounce his arbitrary detention and demand his immediate release. We emphasize that our friend Zaidoun is among the most adamantly nonviolent of activists. This is yet more evidence that the regime continues to be bent on marginalizing nonviolent activists by sidelining them behind prison bars, and that the regime fears civil resistance more than any other kind of resistance. 

Freedom for all the arbitrarily detained in Syria.
Freedom for Zaidoun al-Zoabi.

Political Office of the Coalition of Secular Democratic Forces in Syria.


Local Coordination Committees in Syria 
The number of martyrs in Syria have risen to 44 thus far, includind 2 woman, a child and 3 martyrs under torture : 22 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs; 13 in Hama; 6 in Daraa; 1 in Aleppo; 1 in Deir Ezzor; and 1 in Lattakia


My childhood is all what's left for me...Is Assad going to take it away from me?


Peace to children all over the world from Kafranbel children


from Kafr Nabel children to Mr. Obama and the world


President Obama said today:
"Once use of #Syria chemical weapons use established, would mean US and allies would "rethink range of options available." US doesn't know how chemical weapons were used in Syria or by whom." 
"BY WHOM"??!!!!! just asking this question nonsense!
As Mr. McCain said, Assad used the “red line” as a “green light”. 
Won’t say anything more, but dear Arab and world leaders, UN officials and specifically Mr. Obama who said these words today, if you don’t act (which you have not) you will have blood on your hands as well. For more than two years we are getting massacred and you failed to stop the bloodshed.
Dear world leaders, Shame on you all , we won't bother you with our screams anymore when we are getting killed with rockets, chemicals and slaughtered with kitchen knives


164 victims : SNHR – Syria – Final casualties report – 30 April, 2013 , to

Syrian network for human rights documented 164 victims , Tuesday 30/4/2013 all across Syria, most of them in Hama and Damascus and countryside including 18 children, 9 ladies , 11 tortured to death , 46 armed rebels 

Damascus and countryside : 49 victims
Hama : 49 victims
Aleppo : 17 victims
Idlib : 17 victims
Homs : 13 victims
Daraa : 11 victims
Dier Alzoor : 9 victims
Qunaitra : 1 victim
Lattakia : 1 victims


Syrian Network for Human Rights - London


Remains of a photo:
This is all what's left from Moayad, Saba and Ahmad Zeiadeh. Assad warplanes didn't discriminate and killed them all at once, leaving an intolerable heartache to their parents.


And we thought there was something called " Humanity"!!!


Mommy we miss you!! Why did you leave us :'(


Shout, scream and cry my little child, very few people can hear your screams


The revolution's symbol, our beacon of light, Hamza :) 
dear Hamza who leaves us starring at his picture and we feel ashamed. 
One of this divine revolution's heroes and symbols, The revolution flag also :) in the new curriculum books in Kelis the Syrian Refugee Camp, in Turkey 
the title of the lesson is "My Homeland"

Two famous courageous fellow from Homs

 Two famous courageous fellow from Homs. The media man Hadi Al Abdulaa, and the physician Mohammed Aldumair.

Both work for free Syria, each on his own ground, helping people and showing the world what is really happening in Syria. They do not look for positions, or ask for recognition. They are just doing their duty.


Syrian Network for Human Rights | Violation Report | Tuesday, 30 April, 2013
Casualties and wounded: 

Hama | Al-Jub
The bodies of over 13 civilians have been recovered from under the rubble of their homes which was affected by the Syrian army bombardment (Graphic):

Idlib | M’arit Misreen
Bombardment carried out by the Syrian army caused the death and wounding of a number of civilians including children:
Suffering and Human Rights Violations:

Aleppo | Bustan Al-Qasr
Citizens across the city of Aleppo suffer from the intensity of snipers stationed in populated areas which provide a state of constant panic and terrors among civilians:

Bombardment-free neighbourhoods in Homs suffer from security checkpoints posted throughout the city. In addition to this, the Syrian regime began placing cement walls in order to disconnect the neighbourhoods from one another:

Daraa | Al-Balad
Field hospitals in Daraa and across Syria in general do not have the proper medicines and equipment in order to carry out a simple surgery as medical and relief aid cannot reach most areas. Anybody who is working in these hospitals is also prosecuted by the Syrian army (Graphic):
Bombardment and Destruction:

Deir El-Zour | Al-Shaheil
Syrian army bombardment carried out using MiG warplanes caused massive amounts of destruction in the homes and property of civilians:

Damascus | Barzeh
Massive amounts of destruction were also seen across the city of Damascus as the Syrian army continues to target civilian homes and property:
Suffering of Children

Damascus Suburbs | Beit Sahim
Children in Syria are part of the wounded civilians which fall on a daily basis due to indiscriminate bombardment carried out by the Syrian army. Some of these children are forced to live with amputated limbs from a young age (Very Graphic):

Homs | Al-Rastan
Children in the city of Al-Rastan are forced to pick from the streets in an attempt to make a living as it has become difficult for them to continue their education due to the fact that their schools have been destroyed by the Syrian army bombardment:

This is not a scene from a movie..

This is not a scene from a movie..
This is a displaced Syrian child, her parents were killed in the shelling of al Hawa cross border, she was injured too.
How could she comprehend that she lost everything in her life? Holding some money and looking at them, maybe her daddy gave her the money, maybe she thinks they will be back..
How could our children comprehend such enormous traumas?!
Bab al Hawa hospital.
April 30, 2013


Even our newborns are born free..Youssef who was born in a caesarean section flashing victory..We will be victorious ( God willing)!

To the world leaders: " My childhood died on the same day your manhood died".

solat jangan tak solat

Allahu akbar! Seorang Mujahid melindungi rakannya yang sedang menunaikan solat!!

Hizbullah sedia bantu tentera Presiden Bashar

Beirut: Pemimpin Hizbullah di Lubnan Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah semalam berkata, pemberontak Syria tidak mampu menewaskan tentera rejim Presiden Bashar al-Assad.

Beliau sekali gus mengingatkan bahawa sahabat sejati Syria, termasuk Iran bersedia untuk campur tangan untuk membantu kerajaan Bashar. Hizbullah kumpulan Syiah paling berpengaruh diketahui menyokong askar rejim Bashar di kampung Syiah dekat sempadan Lubnan dalam menentang penentang Sunni yang ingin menggulingkan Bashar.

Kenyataan Sheikh Hassan itu adalah petanda bahawa kumpulannya bersedia untuk terbabit secara langsung bagi bagi menyelamatkan rejim Bashar. “Anda tidak akan mampu merampas Damsyik dengan kekerasan dan anda tidak akan dapat menggulingkan tentera Bashar.

“Peperangan akan berlarutan untuk jangka masa panjang,” katanya merujuk kepada penentang Syria.

“Syria mempunyai sahabat sejati di rantau ini dan dunia. Syria tidak akan dibenarkan jatuh ke tangan Amerika atau Israel.” Hizbullah dan Iran adalah sekutu rapat Bashar. Penentang menuduh mereka menghantar pejuang untuk membantu tentera Syria bagi mengakhiri kebangkitan anti-Bashar sejak dua tahun lalu.

Menurut Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu, lebih 70,000 orang terbunuh dalam perang saudara itu. - Reuters

AS ada bukti senjata kimia diguna di Syria

Seorang lelaki Syria menangis di lokasi bedilan tentera kerajaan di kawasan perumahan Ard al-Hamra, Aleppo, pada 23 Februari lalu. Serangan udara itu dipercayai dilancarkan menggunakan peluru berpandu Scud. - REUTERS
WASHINGTON 1 Mei - Amerika Syarikat (AS) mendakwa mempunyai bukti senjata kimia telah digunakan dalam konflik di Syria.
Saluran televisyen al-Jazeera melaporkan Presiden AS, Barack Obama sebagai berkata, pentadbiran AS kini 'memikirkan beberapa pilihan' yang boleh digunakan berhubung strateginya di negara itu.
Obama berkata, Pentagon dan agensi keselamatan lain diarah untuk melakukan persiapan bagi menghadapi kemungkinan jika 'garisan merah' berhubung senjata kimia dibuktikan telah dilanggar.
''Apa yang kami ada sekarang adalah bukti senjata kimia telah digunakan di Syria tetapi kami tidak tahu siapa menggunakannya dan bila dan bagaimana mereka menggunakannya.
''Kami tidak mempunyai jaringan maklumat untuk mengesahkan apa yang sebenarnya berlaku,'' katanya pada sidang media, di sini semalam.
Obama berkata, beliau perlu mendapatkan fakta benar terlebih dahulu.
Beliau tidak menolak akan mengambil tindakan ketenteraan jika terbukti perkara itu benar, namun masih mahu mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga.
Di Beirut, ketua pergerakan Hezbollah di Lebanon hari ini menegaskan, 'sekutu rapat Syria' tidak akan membiarkan kerajaan pimpinan Bashar al-Assad jatuh ke tangan AS, Israel atau kumpulan pelampau.
Dalam ucapan yang disiarkan melalui siaran televisyen al-Manar, Hassan Nasrallah berkata, Syria masih mempunyai sekutu rapat di rantau ini yang tidak akan membenarkan campur tangan kuasa asing terhadap konflik di negara itu.
Kenyataan Hassan tersebut secara jelas merujuk kepada Iran sebagai sekutu rapat yang selama ini menyokong Syria dan pergerakan Hezbollah. - AGENSI/DPA

Artikel Penuh:
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Berapa ramai di sini yang boleh membaca tulisan Arab ini?

Berapa ramai di sini yang boleh membaca tulisan Arab ini?
Boleh tolong bacakan nombor plate ini tertulis apa?
(( Negara Khilafah-Wilayah Sham No.1))

Sepucuk surat terima kasih dan penghargaan kepada yang dihormati Delegasi Syria Care

Dengan nama ALLAH yang Maha Penyayang lagi Maha Pemurah..

((Sepucuk surat terima kasih dan penghargaan kepada yang dihormati Delegasi Syria Care))

Kami (Keluarga Syahid di Care Bureau) di Halab.Bagi pihak keluarga insan-insan yang mati syahid dan cedera, kami dengan rendah hati menawarkan surat ini sebagai tanda terima kasih dan penghormatan terhadap delegasi yang pemurah dan bantuan yang telah disampaikan kepada keluarga mereka yang meninggal dunia kerana syahid dan yang tercedera.

Kami tidak dapat menggambarkan kebahagiaan hati kami dan hati keluarga orang yang mati syahid dan cedera, apabila mereka menerima konvoi pakaian anda. Ditambah lagi dengan sokongan moral dan material yang berterusan. Semoga Allah memberi ganjaran pahala yang terbaik keatas kamu semua.

Dan pujian hanya untuk Allah, Tuhan semesta alam.

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2/5/2013 Banyas, Syria ... Pembunuhan Terbaru Sunni...

2/5/2013 Banyas, Syria ... Pembunuhan Terbaru Sunni...