Friday, 7 June 2013

Ohhh, mother!!


They were on their way to the field hospital to receive treatment after being injured from shelling, when a shell turned them into martyrs.This is the steadfast city of al Qusair.

watch the difference,

watch the difference, 
during the protests in Turkey today
picture on the right is dates back to the beginning of the uprising in Syria in 2011 
Judgment is yours

syria juga saudaramu

He may look like one of our children..His laughter, his naughtiness, his hand watch..Ohh God please save our children!!!
The child martyr Mohammad Doughmush from al Maliha town. Mohammad just martyred a short while ago.

syria dihancurkan syiah

Before the revolution our children were so thrilled to see a plane in the sky, they used to scream out of joy..Now they scream out of fear when they hear warplanes above their heads.
Those warplanes were supposed to protect them, not to shell and kill them.

bantulah syria

23 children from the Syrian community in Britain participated in BUPA Manchester Mini Run, on the 27th of May. They were able to raise almost 7000 pound for the benefit of displaced Syrian children and to increase awareness in the Syrian conflict. Bless you little angels  

syria perlukanmu

A beautiful smile from a dear grandmother from the steadfast Homs

tiap hari rakyat syria dibunuh

The sign says:

Conferences, meetings, summits, announcements....
One after another, and nothing has changed.

However, the number of martyrs is increasing by the hour.

syria dibakar syiah

For god's sake, a human being should end like this???? 
Can the world leaders answer this questions???? those who care about money, power and control only??!!!!

this man is not a piece of rubble
he was burned by the demonic thugs in Ras Al Nabe'e - Banyas

syria juga saudara kita

95 victims : SNHR – Syria – Final casualties report – 3 June , 2013 

Syrian network for human rights documented 95 victims , Monday 3/6/2013 all across Syria , among the victims : 14 children, 16 ladies , 6 tortured to death , 29 Syrian Free Army

31 victims killed cause of Scud missile shelling on Kafar Hamra in Aleppo , including 12 children and 10 women
Videos shows victims:
Photo of the destruction

Aleppo : 40 victims
Damascus and countryside : 19 victims
Hama : 7 victims
Homs : 6 victims
Daraa : 9 victims
Qunitra : 1 victim
Idlib : 5 victims
Dier Alzoor : 1 victim
Lattakia : 2 victims
Hasaka : 3 victims

syria dalam kesusahan

Thank you Syria for exposing HUMANITY!

syria perlukan anda

The lawyer, the martyr and above all the human being..Sattam Al Kayakhy (42 years old) and a father of eight. He martyred with two of his nephews after their car was targeted by their regime in Hamis Qmishly.
The martyr, was one of the first people who resigned from the Baath party after the revolution raged. He participated in the peaceful demonstration In al Qamishly and it’s suburbs
He was a bold man, who didn’t fear the fierce regime.
Rest in peace brave son of Syria.


Where are the good people in this life? What happened to humanity for God sake?!!
Injured people in al Qusair can't find medication, their wounds decay..they are dying for God sake, someone help them 


Ata'a Shams Eddin..
Smiling after she left this cruel world to find peace and justice in heaven.
RIP dear child 


Hasan… he can’t talk or walk
But he can move his arms and smile
Hasan is a refugee child with his family in Iraq. He lost a lot of weight and he needs milk and a special diet.


This is an appeal from the people of Alqussair. We do not care whether we lose the city or not. We care about the people.

we advise you that we may lose hundreds and thousands of wounded civilians unless we exercise pressure on all concerned powers regionally and internationally, be that human rights organizations or t UN related institutions, or any country that can help.

We want to evacuate the wounded where thay are given medical attention, and the civilians where they can be safe only. We are capable of helping them out provided they are given a safe path.

Please help.

media men in Homs city


We want our life to be colored not with black and white.
Saraqeb children coloring the walls of the city.

89 victims : SNHR – Syria – Final casualties report – 4 June , 2013

Syrian network for human rights documented 91 victims , Tuesday 4/6/2013 all across Syria , among the victims : 8 children, 7 ladies , 9 tortured to death , 36 Syrian Free Army



Aleppo : 16 victims
Damascus and countryside : 23 victims
Hama : 1 victim
Homs : 10 victims
Daraa : 17 victims
Qunitra : 6 victims
Idlib : 5 victims
Dier Alzoor : 8 victims
Lattakia : 2 victims
Hasaka : 1 victim


Syrian Network for Human Rights - London
Skype: Syrianhr


Hezbollah thugs in al Dahiya al Janobieh ( Southern suburb) in Beirut celebrating the fall of al Qusair. 
Al Qusair didn't fall, it's our humanity and the good people who fall...
It's not over yet thugs!


Over 30.000 civilians are trapped inside al Qusair, mostly women and children. The city is now in the hands of Hezbollah thugs, as we know Hezbollah won't hesitate for a second to commit a massacre in the city since the whole world is dead silent. We urge and hold responsible all the international community and the human rights organizations for the lives of al Qusair people. Help them now, act promptly. Ensure safe passages for the injured people..
Please share widely, you may help al Qusair people.
God bless you all.

THE BATTLE OF AL QUSAIR - #Syria, #Homs, The latest news from Al-Qusayr

The real situation is more than 1300 injured amongst the civilians. Assad's and hizbulat forces managed to enter the south side of al Qusayr but that was early morning, for now 3 hours ago and until this moment, the FSA managed to resupply from the north and holds the lines. So far over 134 dead of assad's forces and hizbullat 74 dead. They retreat to the far south and heavy clashes still going on.
All divisions close to Al-Qusayr are requested to support the FSA in Al Qusayr by opening other fronts to distract the regime’s army and the mercenaries.


Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to32 thus far, and includes 5 children, 2 women, and 3 martyrs under torture: 11 martyrs were reported in in Deir Ezzor; 8 in Damascus and its suburbs; 5 in Daraa; 4 in Homs; 2 in Hama; and 2 in Aleppo


We had to leave the place where we live, we had to leave our house, because the Syrian regime was shelling the area with artillery. The problem we had was that there were a lot of small kids with us........

This is what this eight year small girl (with the orange sweater) was saying about running away from the shelling.

She has grown up so quickly, so much so that she is referring to other kids as little ones...........


Everybody abandoned them, but they remained steadfast 
they are fighting on behalf of all of us 

Al Qusair


 Total destruction in the garden of the Omayyad mosque in Aleppo.
A deliberate and systematic demolishing for Syria's heritage and history.

Karfa massacre-Dara'a

I couldn't find words for this post..So sorry little angel, we all let you down..We weren't strong enough to protect you 

Karfa massacre-Dara'a

the world is still blind.

they spent their winter there, and they are going to spend the summer there as well.
in 2013, Syrian people escaped to CAVES for shelter and refuge
how many tragedies Syrian people have been going through since two and a half years, and the world is still blind.

People who support al-Assad in Turkey today Sorry .. Worship Assad We are all from any religion, pray to God only They pray to al- Assad This is the Syrian regime


If the world only knew, there are 100s just like Hamza in Syria. Hamza's family spoke out despite the threats they received from Syrian Security forces. Imagine how many families receive the mutilated bodies of their innocent children and drown in their misery and sorrow? We will not stand silent. We cannot


from : Rebekah Robertson Stone :
No child, no human being can do anything that deserves what was done to this little boy. This is an abomination. I'm so sorry for the pain he suffered. The pain of his family. The pain of Syria. There is nothing that can justify it. Nothing. May peace come to Syria. A peace which gives full and open expression to it's people.


Dear all 
wish u are fine and safe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am an Egyptian who shared in our holly revolution but I know that all what we faced is nothing compared to what you see . I am extremely sorry that I can`t help you .I just wanted to tell you go on and never feel afraid . Freedom deserves that u die for and Hamza and all the other martyrs deserve that u work hard , survive and achieve your goals . RABENA MA3AKM.
good luck


Really ... Thanks ....


After the thugs arrested some of the women from Dera'a, our heroes launched counter attacks against them, forcing them to release the women in addition to other detainees.
God bless our heroes


Local Coordination Committees in Syria 
The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 20 martyrs thus far including 3 women and 1 child and 1 martyr under torture: 9 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs; 5 martyrs in Daraa; 5 martyrs in Homs and 1 martyr in Hama


Syria, where humanity is lost

drowned in his blood, he suffers in silence 
because he knows no one can hear him 

Syria, where humanity is lost


What guilt did he commit? How can we ease his pain and comfort his little soul?

Don't cry my son, we are destined to live in a world with no conscience at all!


Her name is Massa Alamsalmeh. She was released today from the regime's prison in dara'a city along with her family.

I can not understand how do these thugs think, if they can think in the first place......

This is Aleppo, this is Syria

One of our dignified freedom fighters. Standing in the front lines facing forces of evil and defending our honor and people..
God bless you our father.
This is Aleppo, this is Syria 


Behind the mask...



Today, Friday 7 June 2013, just another ordinary day have passed in Syria.

Those who were killed by the criminal regime is 76 people so far, including 7 children and 4 women.

Bosra : Syrian Army Checkpoint in the old city.


Dilaporkan mujahidin berjaya menjatuhkan helikopter rejim Basyar sebentar di Halab.

Ia terhempas berhampiran Lapangan Terbang Ming, Halab yang juga baru sahaja berjaya dibebaskan. Doakan mujahidin. 

Krisis Suriah

Iran Puji Suriah Tentara Suriah atas Kemenangan di Qusayr

Source: Islam Times
Thursday, 06 June 2013

Dalam percakapan telepon hari Rabu (5/6/13), Menteri Iran itu mengucapkan selamat pada sejawatnya dari Suriah, Walid al-Muallem.

Menteri Luar Negeri Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi mengucapkan selamat pada rakyat dan pemerintah Suriah atas kemenangan tentara mereka dalam memperoleh kembali kontrol kota strategis Qusayr di barat Suriah.

Dalam percakapan telepon hari Rabu (5/6/13), Menteri Iran itu mengucapkan selamat pada sejawatnya dari Suriah, Walid al-Muallem.

Salehi menunjuk upaya ekstremis Takfiri dukungan asing untuk memiliterisasi gejolak di Suriah dan menambahkan, dialog nasional antara pemerintah Suriah dan blok oposisi yang akan menjadi satu-satunya jalan keluar dari krisis yang sedang berlangsung.

Diplomat Iran itu juga menyatakan harapan bahwa menghalangi transfer ilegal senjata ke Suriah akan membantu mengakhiri pertumpahan darah. Juga dapat menjadi pembuka proses politik yang bertujuan menyelesaikan kerusuhan menjelang konfrensi Jenewa 2 mendatang.

Sementara itu, pejabat Suriah menyatakan terima kasih pada Iran atas bantuannya dalam menghadapi gejolak yang mencengkeram negara Arab itu. 

"Pemerintah dan rakyat Suriah telah menentukan cita-cita besar mereka dan dengan tegas membelanya serta melanjutkan jalan mereka sampai perdamaian dan stabilitas terwujud, " al-Muallem mengatakan.

Krisis Suriah

Tentara Suriah Terus Sapu Bersih Qusayr

Source: Islam Times
Thursday, 06 June 2013

Pasukan Suriah dilaporkan berhasil menjinakkan alat peledak pada Rabu (5/6/13) yang ditanam oleh terorisi Takfiri di berbagai bagian kota itu.

Pasukan pemerintah Suriah terus maju dengan operasi sapu bersih setelah mereka berhasil mengambil alih secara penuh kota Qusayr, Press TV melaporkan.

Pasukan Suriah dilaporkan berhasil menjinakkan alat peledak pada Rabu (5/6/13) yang ditanam oleh terorisi Takfiri di berbagai bagian kota itu.

Lebih dari 200 truk pickup yang mengangkut teroris meninggalkan kota itu dan pindah ke desa terdekat di utara Qusayr.

Pemerintah berusaha menormalkan kota itu sesegera mungkin.

Pasukan militer Suriah telah menumpas jaringan teroris dukungan asing di kawasan strategis yang berbatasan dengan Libanon itu.

Al Qusayr People Celebrating Victory

Source: Berita Harian Suriah
Thursday, 06 June 2013

يرجى الاشتراك للحصول على آخر المستجدات أخبار عربية اليوم في هذه الأثناء قال الجيش السوري الحر إنه يسيطر على نحو ستين في المئة من مدينة حلب حيث تدور إشتباكات ...

penyembah Basyar