An activist, Mohsen al-Masti ever cower in secret prisons, claiming he had moved to several other prisons throughout detained in the past two years.
He claimed that while in detention he was beaten and hung from the ceiling for several hours at a time.
Mohsen claimed that the worst thing done by the security guards were spraying insecticide on the walls of a prison.
"Cockroaches, cockroaches will come out of the prison wall. Insects will walk on our faces. Even the warden also include cockroaches into our clothes, '' he said.
Mohsen said, seizing the security forces do not only cruel but also carried out systematically.
Another activist from Damascus, Mohammad Samaan, 33, said he was imprisoned twice for opposing the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
"I was abused physically and psychologically while in custody. A prison officer told us, they tortured us because they love to do.
"I was shocked and asked to write what I know. They use various methods to torture to force me to talk about what I know, '' he said, who now lives in Beirut. - AFP