Saturday, 2 August 2014

syria berdarah

Look at this Palestinians comments in Arabic we found on (Syrian Revolution Page), then try to understand this "Relationship" and "Brotherhood" between #Gaza and #Syria.

"I am Palestinian from Gaza, and every time the Jews drop bombs on us, we remember you in Syria and we feel what you have been feeling for the past 4 years from the dirty Syiah attacks Bashar the Animal laknatullah, ya Allah give you victory, wallahi and without exaggerating, Jews and despite all their crimes have more heart and mercy than Syiah and Assad regeme, they are the real criminals, ya Bashar ya animal, instead of dropping SCODs on Sunni Syrians why you cant drop it on Israel, your saving it for Sunni, wait and be patient my brothers, you are a crown on our heads in Gaza"

"From Gaza, a sincere salute and respect to Syria ... we are wating your victory like a hot fire and cant are hereos, we are proud of you and please forgive us for not helping enough"

"This Syrian made weapon reminds me of our Palestinan made weapons too, looks the same, ya Allah give victory to Syria, Palistine"

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