Wednesday, 21 August 2013

syria berdarah

We understand the complexity of the Syrian revolution. A regime that has established itself for 47 years, a gang that was able to run Syria taking into account the regional problems, and a world that has accepted the regime as it is, despite its bad records for regional and international reasons, and most importantly, the international powers have not arrived at a replacement that suits its own requirements.

But the questions that remain???

How long would the world wait till the revolution becomes victorious??
How many lives will be lost until that day??
What are the regional implications when the regime falls all of a sudden???
What will happen to those who have committed crimes against humanity inside inside and outside Syria especially of the minority of the regime???
How nations would look to the UN as a neutral world organisation afterwords??

Take a look at this girl, may be she will enable decision makers to act soon !!!!!

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